The Portrait of Dreams

A journey into real beauty

A wonderful, exciting journey in quest of the many faces of beauty told through the dreams, lives and achievements of 43 incredible women.

How many faces does beauty have and where can it be found? How well-trained are we in recognising it,and what moves us to pursue it? We made an intense journey, putting aside our stereotypes and the things we thought we knew. An adventure in which, without knowing what we would find, we were surrounded by an incredible energy and vitality.

We criss-crossed Europe and the United States accompanied by our cameras, but even more by the attitude and thirst for discovery of Mihaela Noroc, who has long made the search for beauty her profession.

We encountered powerful stories, real smiles, sweetness and determination. We discovered that being exceptional depends not on individual extraordinary moments, but on how you choose to look at things every day. Forty-three very different women who were not acquainted and had never met, yet all of them gave us the same message: beauty has no fixed rule, beauty is a state of mind.

What makes a person, a woman, unforgettable is her charisma, it is her knowledge that she has the right to take exactly the place she wants in the world. Yalea is proud to have made this journey, and now we are eager to share it with you.

Mihaela Noroc

The photographer

A photographer of Romanian origins, she has photographed women in more than a hundred countries. She began when she was 16, when she was given her first camera by her father.

She also studied photography at university, but soon realised that her narrative needs went beyond the pure logic of aesthetics or commerce. She found her own dimension during a trip to Ethiopia in 2013, where a fortuitous encounter paved the way to a quest that would lead to the birth of her The Atlas of Beauty project.

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