The Portrait of Dreams

Nicole Vindel

Freeing up our curiosity and critical thinking to enjoy our place in the world is a pleasure we should never deny ourselves.

1. Bio

A Barcelona-based artivist and creative director generating new narratives about food to explore modern complexities. Born in Guatemala, raised in Girona and of mixed roots, she has lived in various countries around the world. The extraordinary mix of cultures she has known have led her to entwine different fields into interactions, identities, ecologies and everything in between. The founder of Random Happiness, Food Design Nation, and ComoComo research lab, she is also a university lecturer.

2. The power of a dream

I’m super curious about the world and its many different ways, and my greatest desire has always been to defend the ability to continually change. For me dreaming is fluidity, something that is born and evolves, mutates. Aspirations and objectives progressively change as we discover new ways of observing everything around us. The fact that I grew up across different cultures and countries has undoubtedly nurtured this tendency of mine and I naturally, at a certain point, wanted to share it. Although I graduated in engineering I apply myself to food and art, because my first rule is to not self-impose barriers.

3. My journey into real beauty

I express myself mainly through food, which I feel is a language, because food is the language we all speak. Clearly mine is also an aesthetic quest, but what I truly love is reconnecting each person with creativity and stimulating critical thought. It is creating a new feeling to remind us, however we label things, just how extraordinary a moment of true wonder really is. Creating points of disruption and continually asking questions to inspire alternative futures. An object, an aesthetically beautiful creation is a tool, but real beauty springs from its ability to touch us and make us better.

4. What I learned and won’t let go

Beauty without a message is pointless. Art is the power to question all that surrounds us and to look at things and people without prejudice. Substances, hands, and eyes are instruments: we have to keep open mind and an open heart. Dreaming, to me, is something fluid. It is beautiful not to stay the same, in time and to one another. And this is my dream for all of us: to be able to enjoy all that is different, to learn from the perceptions of others and meet every day a better version of ourselves.

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