The Portrait of Dreams

Marion Morel

I don't have to change myself to please others: intimately understanding this truth has liberated my dreams and changed my life.

1. Bio

Actress and model with vitiligo, born and raised on Réunion Island, she now lives in Paris. As a little girl, she told everyone she wanted to become a singer, actress and model and stubbornly defended this dream, despite the teasing and a destiny that seemed pre-determined. She studied at the Skema Business School, obtaining a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Development, in an effort to meet the expectations that would have seen her take the reins of the family business. However, a period of great unease led her to understand that she was not living her life to the full. She then plucked up the courage to communicate to her father her need to follow through with what seemed like just a child’s dream, but was instead her true calling.

2. The power of a dream

I have always been determined and, when I’ve had a goal to achieve, I have always done whatever it took to get the job done, but the power of a dream has a vibration, a strength that goes beyond simple determination. It is the courage to become aware of what you really need to be in sync with your life. It is that particular type of courage that it took me, for example, to go to my father and tell him, after everything done up until that moment, “Dad, I can’t carry on the family business, this isn’t the way to give my life meaning”. We could say that determination supports us in many things we do out of a sense of duty, but, in order to arrive at what fills our life with meaning, we need the strength of a dream.

3. My journey into real beauty

Self-acceptance is the most incredible and life-changing journey towards beauty. It is the most challenging lesson that life presents us with. I spent a lot of time worrying about other people’s opinions, waiting for someone to come along and save me. The sense of freedom and fulfilment I felt in the moment I understood that I was enough, exactly the way I was and that I would achieve my dreams thanks to my way of being, is truly indescribable. There are many boxes we need to break out of to free ourselves and be happy, living the life we ​​want. Genuinely freeing myself from the fear of judgment and the expectations of others has changed my life and opened up both my heart and eyes to true beauty.

4. What I learned and won’t let go

What I am today, the freedom I have gained, the work I do, everything began to exist the moment I wholly accepted myself. We often self-sabotage our own dreams because we are tied to the wrong belief systems or committed to not disappointing the expectations of others. I dream of being able to continue to evolve into better versions of myself and to be able to inspire other women to truly believe in themselves. We put ourselves down all too often – we need to stop this! We must learn to think of ourselves as free, happy, independent and equal, this is my dream for all women.

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