The Portrait of Dreams

Caterina Bianchi

This is the greatest beauty that the world needs: the freedom to follow the power of a dream that can make us forget all our troubles.

1. Bio

Caterina Bianchi, solo ballerina at La Scala in Milan. She first showed her desire to dance at the age of 3 and fiercely pursued her passion with determination. When only 10 years old, she moved to Milan to join the Accademia Teatro alla Scala Ballet School. Having graduated from high school, she immediately began working at La Scala, also perfecting her skills with experiences abroad. When only 21 years of age she was selected as solo ballerina.

2. The power of a dream

Today I dance as a Solo Ballerina at La Scala Theatre in Milan and, for as long as I can remember, this has always been my dream. Where it came from remains a mystery to this day, since I was so small when I began to dream, but today I am delighted to say that it has come true. I came to this theatre as a child, alone, far from home and with less training than the others. And I never gave up for a moment, because that is the strength of a dream: it always fuels your will, no matter how many sacrifices and how much effort you have to make. Your heart only sees its goal. My greatest good fortune was to be able to listen to my heart.

3. My journey into real beauty

There is a special light that accompanies the dreams that really belong to you. Mine came to light when I was two and a half years old, that’s when I told my mother ‘One day I’ll be a ballerina’. Today I dance at La Scala in Milan and I look back with pride at that little girl who, at the age of 10, moved here alone, to follow her light. The same light that has always confirmed to me that you can get to the top without stepping on anyone. There is no need for all that competitiveness you often hear about.. If you have a light inside you, simply open up and let it out. This is the greatest beauty, the most important one we have, and must take care of, as it can make us forget all the trouble we meet along the way.

4. What I learned and won’t let go

There is enough room in this world of ours to accommodate the talent and the dreams of everyone. Those who are moved by true passion do not need to bully others. Remain kind, work hard, get excited. Shine a pure, unique light. Work hard, discover who you are and manifest. This is the dream for every woman, whether she is fighting for the most fundamental rights, or embarking on a journey towards her dream: a space to manifest freely, where inequalities disappear, giving way to true value and real smiles.

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