The Portrait of Dreams

Julia Moreno

I used to aspire to a jet-set life, now I have learnt that the greatest luxury is to enjoy the moment. Maybe by the ocean, in touch with nature.

1. Bio

Social Media Manager and Content Creator, in addition to her work with various companies, she is actively involved, through her social profiles, in the creation of content for female empowerment, for the achievement of self-awareness and feeling good about oneself, beyond stereotypes. In particular, her work is aimed at breaking the taboo surrounding the topic of female alopecia, by encouraging all women affected by this condition to share support and information and promoting a paradigm shift in the way that society views them.

2. The power of a dream

The most interesting thing about dreams is that they give us determination. And, if you don’t stop dreaming, for every dream that may die, another one is already there, waiting to catch you. I have always been a sociable, curious, outgoing person. I dreamed of a dynamic life, one of those at the top of the game, perhaps in the fashion world. I enrolled at university, full of goals and brimming with confident. Then, one day, I started to see locks of my hair fall off onto my notes in class at university. I thought it was temporary, instead it was alopecia. My world fell apart, along with all the dreams I had packed into it. Yet here I am, committed to a new way of looking at life and dedicated, body and soul, to new dreams and new challenges.

3. My journey into real beauty

Had it not been for my alopecia, I would probably never have learnt many things about myself. Before, I couldn’t see them: I dreamt of the jet-set and of becoming someone in high social circles; today my ambition is to have quality time to myself, in touch with nature, maybe by the ocean, so I can surf every day. I went through hell trying to keep up with the rules of a stereotype. Until I realised that I, we, all of us, are more important than a stereotype. Full self-acceptance is at the heart of all beauty. And to be able to support other women and girls in the journey to get there is something that gives me immense satisfaction.

4. What I learned and won’t let go

We have the right and the strength to break all the rules that society tries to impose on us if they do not help us to be happy. Learning to see beyond stereotypes gives us the freedom to live life to the full. We need many voices, telling the stories of different normals, so that everyone feels represented. Joining forces in a community makes us stronger and opens the door to many discoveries. My dream for women is that there will be more and more support among us, so that we can learn to follow our dreams, the way we want to, and that no one, ever again, will have to think that she is worth less or be ashamed to claim her place in the world, just because she does not fit in with the so-called ‘standards’.

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