The Portrait of Dreams

Jennifer Wantland

We need to learn precisely what makes us feel good and allow ourselves to do it. It is almost never a linear path, but everything eventually falls into place, in a simple way.

1. Bio

Founder of the Luna Bloom brand, she creates hand-painted hats inspired by the Sonoran Desert. She defines herself as a wife, mother and artist, and has structured her entire career as a designer as an expression that combines her great love for art, fashion and the desert, with the dream of having quality time to spend with her family. Central to her identity is the connection with the desert and everything that populates it, as well as the choice to educate her three daughters at home, so as to raise them with the same strong connection and respect for nature that has been so influential in shaping her experience.

2. The power of a dream

Finding a dimension to truly call my own, where I can be free to create art, do things that make me feel genuinely fulfilled and happy, have a family and children. This is the dream that I have always had, the dream that has always guided me. A constant force, which I listened to timidly at first, but which never gave up, becoming more and more insistent. It was my mother who gave me the final push to have the courage to accept that this desire could in fact become my life. The power of a dream is multiplied when you have people who support you by your side. I wrote my own rules, together with my family; I live my passion and I feel fulfilled. Pushing you to dare just enough to turn a wish into reality, this is the power of a dream.

3. My journey into real beauty

It is a journey that I persistently experience between a very intimate dimension and the powerful connection with the natural world that surrounds me. It is the discovery that once in tune with your deepest feelings, everything then happens with ease. It is the discovery that, if we allow ourselves, we really can do what makes us feel good. It is the wonder I feel every time I step out into the desert and encounter colours, sounds, animals and plants. True beauty is opening ourselves up to the possibility of fully experiencing what makes us happy. It is almost never a linear path, but if you keep the courage to listen, in one way or another, obstacles, moving pieces and doubts, all become elements that destiny offers you to reach your goal.

4. What I learned and won’t let go

So much of our happiness depends on our courage to dare that little bit more to impose ourselves. It is essential to connect with yourself and always remember your purpose. When a situation does not feel right, simply walk away. Women in every part of the world live – at varying levels – the experience of being treated unfairly, of not being taken seriously. They label us as emotional and make light of everything as a result. For all of us, I dream of a new value system, one in which every girl grows up knowing that she is appreciated, powerful and capable of realising her dreams. In addition to the freedom to express ourselves authentically, without social judgment.

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