The Portrait of Dreams

Ines De Almeida Costa

I admire women who are successful and are comfortable with who they are. With or without make-up, long hair or shaved head, the most important thing is the beauty in our eyes.

1. Bio

Actress, with experience in film, theatre and TV series. Her most recent work includes the film Carnaval Sujo, directed by José Miguel Moreira and roles in the TV series Para Sempre – TVI as the character Antonia, and A Generala – SIC. While pursuing her artistic career with dedication, she strives every day for a fairer society, free from outdated social conventions and gender discrimination.

2. The power of a dream

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of being an actress and I feel very lucky to be able to say that my dream has come true. And I hope it continues doing so, because acting is my whole life. I feel very deeply and being able to observe and consider the life and peculiarities of my characters allows me to continue learning about myself. It was not a walk in the park to get here, but it has always been my big dream. Even now, some times can be difficult and on some days things don’t work out. But that is the power of a dream: you keep believing in it and working at it.

3. My journey into real beauty

Here I have to talk about love: the love I have for those dearest to me and the love I have for myself. Two achievements, the sheer power of which I recognised at two precise moments in time. One was on my wedding day. I have never felt so much love as that I felt when my loved ones huddled around me. It was overwhelming. I had never felt anything so amazing. The other is more related a liberating action: when I cut off my long hair and donated it to an association. With that one gesture, I freed myself from years of social pressure, and until then, I had perhaps never even realised how much it weighed me down.

4. What I learned and won’t let go

Within ourselves, we have everything we need to feel complete and find our way. However, often the world cuts in and convinces us that we are not enough. This is not true: we are all great women, we just need to find the courage to remember it. Women have been treated badly for so long and in so many ways that they even teach us to accept it with a smile. Otherwise you become a problem. The things I dream of for all of us is a change in this mentality, and respect. I no longer want to have to apologise for being born a woman, or for how I express my femininity. I want respect, because I deserve it.

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