The Portrait of Dreams

Chelsea Miller

Overcoming the fear of failure is liberating. Failing is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is a great opportunity to get to know yourself better. It is a school of life.

1. Bio

Artisan, designer, artist. She crafts high quality knives by hand in her workshop in New York. Having spent her childhood in Vermont, she moved to New York to complete her studies and give her desire to be an actress a chance to shine. She worked for several years as an actress and storyteller, then returned to Vermont to be near her seriously ill father. It was at this point that she fully understood the appeal of creating her own art: she began to forge knives, made from materials directly related to her childhood memories and places.

2. The power of a dream

I had the great fortune to grow up in a family that always gave a lot of consideration to dreams and aspirations. This gave me the opportunity to understand, first hand, that the power of a dream grows and clothes you with positive energy when you have access to a supportive environment. It teaches you to embrace everything in life, including the times when you stumble or lose your way. Commitment, hard work, dedication are all natural consequences. I have experienced many different dreams and others, I am sure, will come. Because dreams are magic, they change with you. Or perhaps they, themselves, are the engine of change.


3. My journey into real beauty

As a teenager, who had grown up in deepest Vermont, I aspired to a life on the stage, in a city as packed with people and relationships as New York. I was an actress, a dancer, a singer. Then came a time when I longed to rediscover my roots. I embraced triumphs and failures, and every evolution of me, because these are the tools that give me something authentic to share today. This acceptance is my journey towards true beauty. A journey that I retrace every time when, like a mentor, I can offer my experience to support other women, especially young women, who are passionately seeking their own path. The beauty of a human being exploring him or herself is breathtaking.

4. What I learned and won’t let go

To feel that you are valid for yourself, to feel fully expressed is the greatest achievement we can aspire to. Falling down and getting back up has helped me become the person I am. Overcoming the fear of failure is liberating. Failing is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is a great opportunity to know yourself better. It is the school of life. My dream for all women is that they will have the awareness and freedom to ask themselves every day: ‘Does what I do make me happy? How do I want my life to be?”. And to choose to change paths if we want to, finding support from the people around us, to experience that we are all capable of creating something incredibly unique and valuable. We must be bold in the pursuit of our happiness.

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