The Portrait of Dreams

Isaura Quevedo

Journalist @CNN Portugal, Portugal

1. Bio

Journalist and TV presenter. Having graduated in Communication and Journalism from Lusófona University (Lisbon), her journalistic experience started with internships in the print media (physical and digital), in the editorial offices of Vogue Portugal and NIT Magazine. She continued her studies with a post-graduate course at ISCTE in Lisbon, which was followed by an experience in radio, first with an internship first at the Media capital group (Rádio Comercial and M80) and then with another at the private Portuguese broadcaster TVI. It was here that her passion for television journalism and for the ability to combine words, sound and images in a single report was sparked. In 2017, she joined the international newsroom and began covering important reports in recent history, from the negotiations for the UK’s exit from the EU to the US elections, as well as the climate summit in Madrid, where she was a special correspondent. From then on, she quickly rose to success and, before long, her dedication earned her a place among the official presenters of CNN Portugal.

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