A brand that inspires and is inspired by the beauty and strength of women.

Our mission

A style that goes beyond time and fashion

Yalea was founded with the aim of creating an eyewear collection sporting a design that is both timeless and immersed in the present. The entire project is driven by the desire to spotlight the beauty of each and every woman, combining aesthetic and ethical values with which every woman can identify.

Timeless design

The co-existence of the past, present and future

The design of the Yalea models goes beyond temporary and fleeting fashions to embrace an elegant and feminine style that represents the inner and outer beauty of every woman over time.


Refined materials, attention to detail and a profound love for what we do: this is how Yalea eyewear came to be.


Not the present, not the past, not the future, but every moment


Not a fashion, but a way of being


Free to express yourself


Not a way of seeing things, but a way of living them

Exceptional quality

Attention to detail, attention to design and materials

Yalea eyewear is of exceptional quality – fruit of De Rigo Vision’s extensive knowledge and long experience in the selection and processing of premium-quality materials. The products are assembled with care so as to always guarantee the best possible performance in terms of resilience and comfort.