From an idea to the conception of an all-female brand: an interview with Barbara De Rigo, Chief Marketing Officer of the De Rigo Group

Barbara De Rigo talks about Yalea in an interview with 20/20 magazine

20/20 – the magazine of reference for the eyewear industry – has dedicated a space to new house brand Yalea, as told by Barbara De Rigo in an interview in which the brand’s profound values and great ambitions are unveiled. 

Exemplary teamwork and a team founded principally by women with one goal: to create a brand that speaks to the heart and soul of women. 

A brand that embraces and transcends fashion, to inspire strength and confidence in women, to make them feel good – elegant and spontaneous at all times”, commented Barbara De Rigo. 

Yalea is in fact presented as an eyewear brand intended to spotlight the beauty and strength of every woman, combining the aesthetic values and ethics which with all women can identify. 

Yalea eyewear is also a tribute to women who – albeit with different stories and cultures – have distinguished themselves for their commitment and achievements. 

Yalea intends to be the answer to the new trends and needs of the eyewear industry. “Over the last few years, the market has changed and we’ve noticed that the choice of a person’s eyewear is no longer exclusively driven by the brand name, but by the quality of the glasses themselves, which is often the most sought-after feature that influences the end decision”, emphasised Barbara De Rigo. And Yalea is the perfect example of this: coveted materials, attention to detail and a modern design to ensure an outstanding performance in terms of strength and comfort.